TikTok user shares adorable videos of her snuggling with her horses

TikTok user Georgia, who goes by the username georgiaaa25 on the platform, devotes her page to her horses. The Texan largely posts videoes of her galavanting throughout her massive property with a few cuddly, chocolate brown horses.

Georgia’s horses love to lay on the ground on top of her as she pets their heads. In most of her videos, the animals are chill and horizontal as they bask in mother nature’s offerings — totally zen.

“People who think I give my horses things to make them nap with me,” Georgia wrote in the caption of her most popular video.

The clip is not unlike her others. Georgia is laying in the grass with a horse’s head nestled on her chest. Then another horse standing in the background falls onto its knees and begins nuzzling her head. The short video was watched over 4 million times on TikTok.

Understandably, many users wanted in on the pony pile.

“As a vet, I 100% support and need more of things like this in my life,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I’ve never seen a horse nap with a person before you must be the chosen one,” another person said.

“Is this a dream? Is your life a dream,” another user added.

Although some TikTok users were surprised, horses do in fact like to show affection to their favorite humans. They do so by physically leaning on their loved ones, nuzzling and facing their heads toward a person. All of these behaviors are pretty much discernible in Georgia’s videos suggesting she and her horse buddies are strongly bonded.