Philadelphia Jewish organizations offer to work with DeSean Jackson

After DeSean Jackson apologized for anti-Semitic social media posts and said he would educate himself, a coalition of Jewish organizations in Philadelphia offered to work with him.

In a joint statement from several organizations, Jackson’s social media posts were condemned, but he as a person was not condemned. Instead, the organizations said they would help Jackson if he’s sincere about turning this into a learning opportunity.

“ADL, AJC, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation and the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition strongly condemned Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s antisemitic social media posts promoting notorious antisemite, Louis Farrakhan, and a quote falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler,” the statement said. “Although Mr. Jackson later posted that he ‘has no hate in his heart,’ his amplification of hate-filled messages sent a very different message. We commend the Eagles organization for speaking out forcefully against the posts and urging Mr. Jackson to apologize. We appreciate Mr. Jackson’s apology and his removal of the offensive posts, and we hope that he will take this opportunity to work with the Jewish community and become educated about how dangerous and pernicious antisemitism and all forms of hate are.

“All of the undersigned organizations work in coalitions in our community, foster interfaith and Black-Jewish dialogues, and support all efforts to ensure Philadelphia is safe and welcoming for all. We are willing to work with the Eagles and Mr. Jackson on education and outreach.

“The Eagles have been a unifying force in our City. We hope they will remain so.”

Jackson has apologized and promised to show his apology is more than just words.